ME 101

– raised by 2 accountants, will only live in the city, always the older sister.

– was worried would not find love at an early age so found love at an early age and is now married into it.

–  like any modern woman, wants to be many things.  but above everything else will forever be first and foremost – my daughter’s mom.

–  went through 3 campuses and courses back in college. if there was a shiftee award during graduation, should have had one.

– crushes on famous persons. latest internet obsession is Barack Obama. before that it was Michael Phelps. list includes: James McAvoy, Anthony Bourdain, Clive Owen, Aaron Sorkin…

– watches too much  movies and tv – more than a normal person should.  total addict with no plans to go into recovery. wishes her life is a romantic comedy.

– loves cooking and is the only passion in life. once finished making a dish, needs to stop oneself to make another.

– dreams of making beautiful cakes because despite numerous attempts, still haven’t made one.

– doesn’t have that many friends; most of them present since 15 and their numbers never really grew that much.

–  used to smoke. a lot. quit about 2 years ago. miss the habit badly but too scared to try again.

– loves  to cook but loves eating more. main motivation in learning to cook well was out of fear of not being  able to eat good food.

–  first travel outside the country years back started off the dream of having a nomadic lifestyle. if given a chance, would prefer not to settle anywhere until 60. well ok 50.

 – wanted to be a doctor back in high school just to go to med school. that was the only reason really.

– does not have a favorite movie. there are too many good ones out there.

– suffers from backaches since childhood that never went away. will not survive spring and winter without allergy medicine. carries an EpiPen everywhere she goes.

– acquired photography as a hobby upon moving to US due to lack of better things to do.

– not into any sports and maybe genetically impaired to be good at any of them. loves running though.

 – afraid of crossing high bridges by foot or in a car, spiders and any big, flying insects (ok make that ALL insects except mosqitoes and flies), being hungry and getting old. used to be afraid of being alone, grew out of it.

– wants a viking funeral upon death and promised oneself to specifically indicate this wish in her last will and testament.

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