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Raymond and Samantha

“Well if you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the wrong place”, says a teenage boy without looking up to the person he was speaking to while he obsessively plays Candy Crush on his iPhone 6 with a hot pink OtterBox.

Samantha was upset, to say the least. Her laptop decided to stop working right when she was about to submit the homework that will may potentially bring her C average to a B+. The light downpour started a few minutes ago and the café is full. She feels silly wearing her cheerleader uniform in a place full of kids from the nearby university. She was in a panic an hour ago when her computer screen suddenly froze, turned blue, and then died. She can’t even remember if she saved the file before the chaos happened. For some absurd reason she thought this would be the place to find help.

“Ok, I’m sorry if I was an ass earlier. If you cannot help me, can you point to someone who can? Please. Please?” She is trying hard to be polite but she sounds more obnoxious now than before. The teenage boy in the cashier lounge did not even bother to respond this time as he works on the next level of his Candy Crush. Irritated, she grabbed the next seat she could find. She opened the laptop again to reboot the system; still no response.

“Hi Samantha”, says a scrawny looking boy with mild acne in athletic shorts. Samantha recognized Raymond, a neighbor she has known since she was 7 years old. They attended the same daycare as kids and even had play dates when they were young. High school changed all that. A lot of things change in high school.

“Raymond? What are you doing here?” Samantha asks.

“Wow, you are on a roll today.” Raymond mutters. “Apologies princess”, Raymond bows then walks away from Samantha. He returned to his booth where his 2 laptops and coffee were parked.

“Wait, I’m sorry OK”, Samantha closes her laptop as she ran after Raymond. As she approached him, she realized how he may be able to help her current predicament.  “I’m sorry. It’s been a horrible day”, she says apologetically.

“Fine, what do you need?” asks Raymond without any hint of concern on his voice.

“Well, it’s my laptop, it’s broken and I have a deadline in 3 hours”, says Samantha.

“And of course you expect me to just help you right? How predictable”, says Raymond. He grabs Samantha’s laptop, removed the battery in a way Samantha did not know was possible, re-booted the computer, and after a few minutes that seemed like a flash, the last paragraph Samantha wrote this afternoon after practice was in front of her.

“Wow, how did you do that?” Samantha gasped, her mouth open in amazement.

“It’s not that hard, stop sounding foolish. Did you really have to walk inside this café, of all places, in your cheerleading uniform? Seriosly?” asks Raymond sarcastically.

“You’re not being nice but I don’t care. You need a coffee to chill. I’ll be back”. Samantha bounces off with her tight ponytail and her short skirt, walking towards the teenage boy and his Candy Crush. A few minutes later, she’s back with a Frappuccino with whipped cream and cherry for her and a dull mug of black coffee for him.

Did you know that the person who owns this building once killed someone here?” asks Samantha in between sips of her cold coffee.

“Seriously what are you still doing here?”, asks Raymond, taking his new hot mug of coffee.

“You want me here, I can tell”, Samantha smiles cheekily. Raymond tried to stop staring at her big blue eyes. It was hard.

“What’s that?” asks Samantha, pointing at an old wallet. “You don’t look like the type who’d skin an alligator”.

“Well for once you’re right, it’s not mine. It was there when I sat on this booth. Somebody might come back to get it”, says Raymond.

“What’s inside?” asks Samantha.

“How should I know?” says Raymond.

“Seriously?” asks Samantha, trying to mimic Raymond’s voice. She grabs the wallet and inside she found $200 bill, a cheap hotel’s key card with the writings “room 45, 9:30” at the back. “Someone was supposed to get lucky!” exclaims Samantha.

“Stop, just put it back”, says Raymond who was obviously blushing.

“Your being shy about this says a lot about you Raymond”, Samantha teases.  Raymond looks away, opens his laptop, and stopped paying attention to Samantha.

“We should do something about this”, says Samantha with determination. She nudges his elbow. He tries to ignore her

“This hotel is just across the street”, says Samantha.

“What do you mean we should do something about it?” Raymond asks.

“Well, well, well, someone’s trying to get lucky!” jokes Samantha.

Irritated Raymond packs up his stuff in his back pack and hurriedly walks out of the booth and out the door of the café. Samantha follows with her laptop on her right hand as she trashes a half-empty Frappuccino using her left hand. “You’re going the wrong way!” she shouts. “It’s this way”, she teases as she twirls the hotel key card around her thin manicured fingers.

Raymond looks at her for a second. When he sees that she was headed to the front lobby of the nearby cheap hotel he quickly follows her.  “Samantha what are you doing? I can’t go out there” he tries to whisper to her ear as he grabs her hand as they step inside the hotel.

“Well whoever owns this key won’t be back in this room until 9:30 right? We have about 3 hours to see what’s inside. Just come with me already, since when did you care about what other people think”, she says as she walks into the closing elevator door and presses the number 4.

The elevator door opens to 4th floor. As they walked by the lighted hallway, they passed by 4 rooms. Soon they reach #45.

“At the count of 3”, Samantha says. She holds one side of the hotel key. Raymond looks at her, then he grabs the other side with 2 fingers.  Together, they took one deep breath.

“One, two, three”, says Samantha. They swiped the key card. The door light turned green.

With a little nudge the door opened.

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