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August 5, 2011 1 comment

I’m really not into houses. If there’s a roof, a comfy bed/sofa, laptop, internet connection, a bookshelf filled with great books – then I’m home. That is how I’ve always seen it, and that is how I feel up to now. Most of the people I know are busy thinking and dreaming about houses. One of my best friend was ready to put a big down payment in a 10M-worth of mortgage years ago. It’s all my husband thinks about. Sensibe adults of my age are either busy looking for one, planning how to get one, or finding someone to buy them one. As for me, I’m really not into houses.

I think what i disliked most about it is permanence. Personal finance perspective aside, why would I want to stay somewhere for the rest of my life? What’s so good about that? I don’t know, I guess I simply don’t get it.

In my decades of loving films and tv series, I’ve only loved 3 houses – which is actually the purpose of this post. There used to be just 2, now I’m adding one after finishing one those korean telenovelas one my best friends persuaded me to watch (bad idea, these tv series are too addictive!).

Not in any order:

#1. Mitch and Cam’s house in Modern Family

It’s Madeline’s house come to life! First time I saw it, I was smitten. Every moms of little girls know how the rhyme goes …

“In an old house in Paris covered  with vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines…”

 I’ve always imagined the show’s set designer chose this house with that rhyme in mind. I’ve read that the actual house is in the northern part of CA where the weather is always perfect – somewhat close to the Bay Area. It’s a bit small inside, a leap from most American houses. But to me it’s the right size.

#2 Frida Kahlo’s house in the biopic Frida (2003)

This is exactly how I imagined the Buendia’s house in Macondo would be like! The courtyard in the middle and how every part of the house is connected to it is the reason why I absolutely adored it. Courtyards would have to be my favorite architectural piece. The idea of an open space where you can see the night sky while still being enclosed just hits me in the right places. It somehow comforts my need to be outside while still enjoying the comforts of my solemnity.

So just imagine my delight when I saw this …

#3. the Sanggojae – from the famous Korean TV Drama, Personal Taste

The Sanggojae is located in the Hanok area of SKorea where most traditional Korean houses can be found. I’ve considered moving there just to have this house! It has all the comforts of a modern house, with the right amount of Asian elements into it, plus yes – a COURTYARD!

So what will my dream house be like? Imagine …

A frontage similar to Cam’s and Mitch’s house, but with a Mexican pueblo like-wall similar to Ugo Bigyan’s;

a modern feel inside, simple and clean, a style that dictates comfort is above all;

and of course, a COURTYARD, with the requisite Zen-like aura.

And where will this dream house be? I seriously don’t know. Up to now, I just couldn’t picture myself staying somewhere. So for now, this house stays in my head, where I have always been most comfortable at. So I guess I am, somehow, into houses. I’ll be 32 in a few weeks. Maybe it’s that.

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