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a friend said something today and i simply couldn’t get it out of my head. it’s 9.30pm and i barely have 3 hours to finish unit 4 before the 12 midnight deadline tonight yet here i am posting and writing about it – that’s how bothered i am.

i know this person didn’t intend to say it to hurt me in anyway. this friend is a good friend; one of the best that i have. i guess that’s why i can’t forget about it – because comments that one says without too much thought usually reflects how a person really thinks. it’s disappointing when you find out that the person you thought saw things the way you see them, was actually on the opposite side of the idea from the beginning.

i can’t help but question a lot of things. and when you start moving towards this path you often lose all the confidence in the basic foundations you establish.

i try to keep the faith of course, what else is left but to believe that this is the best way – now and more so in the future. but moments like this; i just hate it. but they come; it’s inevitable. good thing i have a blog to vent it out – i know it’s absurd that i don’t even discuss who the person is, what it’s all about, and all the other pertinent details necessary for someone else to grasp what i’m writing about.

well, this post is not really for you. my guess is, you know that already.

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