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laptop hiatus

first the battery was acting up. then the power cord followed.  yesterday it was infected by a trojan / worm / i really don’t know anything about viruses – all i know is that i can’t open anything without encountering an error. it was somewhat my fault; my anti-virus expired months ago and i haven’t bothered to buy a new one. however, i refuse to claim full responsibility since in my family we have designated responsibilities and my husband is the official systems administrator. he had been bugging me to learn how to do it on my own – at this point a threatened to refuse to cook for him; we then agreed he’ll fix it this weekend.

hay laptop. well i can always use my husband’s, but of course it’s not the same. my laptop is the extension of myself, i actually feel light-headed without it. but i guess this is a way of reminding me how attached i am to it, and that maybe i shouldn’t be … then again, it’s 11pm and i’m still up typing this non-sense in a borrowed laptop — not really the therapy i should be aiming at.

anyhoo, i miss my laptop. i really don’t care if the battery is all messed up, or if the power cord fails every time i move an inch. i (my husband) just needs to get that virus out of there and i’m back to my normal existence. and if he fails in recovering  my files from last semester, i might consider not making the new york cheesecake i promised this afternoon. i know that’s not fair. well, as i say to my toddler whenever she stumbles when running, that’s a part of life.

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