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roger ebert is right

i was reading Ebert’s review of “It’s Complicated” to see if he thinks it’s as crappy as i thought it was when something he wrote caught my attention. he said that women keep secrets by sharing it with her closest girlfriends, as depicted in the aforementioned movie. how true that is – that something doesn’t seem real – until you’ve told your closest friend about it.

what’s the fun of keeping secrets when you can’t tell anyone? but i don’t think it’s the “fun” part that’s bugging me. it’s the fact that i don’t have anyone to tell my secrets to. pathetic, i know – but not any less accurate.

there are a lot of things i miss about my past lives, having really good girlfriends is one of them. every woman needs one, more than needing a male partner- come to think of it. i need one, but where to look?

i have been, consciously – looking. i have tried to fit a few candidates during the recent years, but none seemed right. i guess it’s knowing how the “perfect one” feels like is a disadvantage during desperate times. but i’ve never been really good at fooling myself so there’s no point in starting now.

anyway, that’s that – roger ebert is right, as usual. plus we both thought “it’s complicated” was crappy. how i long to see a meryl streep movie that i’d love – hopefully someday, i’ll catch one.

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  1. January 17, 2010 at 10:48 am

    i don’t think you need templates to live a good life. maybe there’s some other way to satisfy this need. how about just writing these secrets under a secret name?

  2. January 18, 2010 at 10:30 am

    hi ian! akala ko joke yung subscribe! ;P anyway, i agree that there are no cookie-cutters for a good life, but i think there are a lot of time-tested principles to live by that hasn’t really changed. yes i can do a “secret” blog – but with the millions of blogs out there, how would you get substancial feedback from the things you would like to discuss? the facebooks of the world are as successful as they are because they rely on the basic need to socialize. the idea of blogging anonymously is great, but i think it won’t get you too far as to replacing the much needed real-life bestfriends. i really wish it could, but i’ve tried – and it simply didn’t. 🙂

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