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for 2010

i always make resolutions for the new year. whether i keep them or not – i lost count already. most are probably dropped off in a few months but i still believe it helps, somehow. or at least they help you remember the things you hoped for when hope was at its peak for the year. so here’s for 2010:

1. my new mom code: IGGI first.

this doesn’t mean i’ll give in to all her wishes and wants, just that in everything that I’ll do, I would always consider what would be best for her before anything else (well of course God is first, but you get what I mean…). example: read Dr. Seuss books to Iggi and go to sleep by 8pm rather than watching the long-awaited season premiere of LOST’s final season at 9 or prioritize studying that will help me find a job soon to help w/ family’s finances, drawing and coloring flowers with faces later.

2. be a better wife to my husband.

be more giving, forgiving, and caring i guess. not that i’m not already, but when it comes to him, there should always be room for more. less frustration over things i could never control and just be the better wife God wants me to be – period.

3. finish all of Paul’s epistles

i have read some, if not most – but probably not in the way that i’m supposed to. i’d like to study them, try to be an expert of sorts when it comes to Paul’s writing. i haven’t read the whole bible but promising to do so would be futile effort, realistically speaking. so i’ll start with what’s close to my heart, and that is Paul.

4. read more CS Lewis books and finish off Fr. Green’s books.

5. forgive those who have hurt me in the past, simply because it is in the PAST. i know they love me, and the people you love the most hurts you the most. so just stop being angry.

6. 130 lbs by sep! ok, now this is the most unrealistic of these plans but hey, every resolution needs one right?

7.  call mommy more. i talk to her almost everyday, but still – you can always do more for the people you love.

8. less watching movies and tv that’s not worth the time to watch, esp those that i’ve seen already. no more unnecessary FB time and posting. basically, i need to spend time wisely esp now that i’ll be studying while doing all the things that i used to do.

9. achieve target net worth of 85k by end of 2010.

we were able to reach our target for 2009 while buying a lot of things since we just moved to manassas. hopefully we won’t find any excuses not to achieve 2010’s.

10. we should be regularly attending a church service by end of 2010.  


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