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my 2009 films

I’ve always loved films, but earlier this year I had this feeling of dread watching films released in the US which are either a formulaic romantic comedy or a blockbuster action adventure. I actually consider myself a big romantic comedy fan, but the quality of those hollywood has been producing lately would either force me to stop midway due to irritation or sleep through it when I watch them late at night. So being the addict that I am, I had to find other sources and thanks to the multitude of online streaming and my subscription to netflix (online movie streaming and dvd rental) I have found great films to watch.

It’s actually a bit shameful that it was only this year that I’ve discovered the wealth of absolutely wonderful films you could find in the world of foreign-language cinema. Well, it’s not that I was completely unaware – I have seen several Kurosawa films (Seven Samurai, Dreams) and some asian wonders (Not One Less, Blue Kite), still I was amazed with how GOOD most of them are. Another expansion of my movie-loving repertoire is watching the must-sees of classic American films. These I was able to discover due to the number of free dvd’s anybody can borrow from the local library, most of which, are American classics.

Listed below are the films I have uncovered during 2009. These films were not necessarily released during 2009, but as long as I saw them that year, then they can be in the list. How can I remember all when I see way too much? Well, they’re that good. Hopefully I can make a review of each soon, but for now I’m posting videos I can find at youtube that would help describe how great each of them are. Limitation: Filipino films are not included in the list for foreign-language cinema for the simple reason that I don’t have a reliable way to watch them. However, one big surprise for me was seeing Ishmael Bernal’s BROKEN MARRIAGE which is probably the best filipino movie I’ve seen. I am trying to find a way to watch all of Bernal’s film without buying them (being the cheapie that I am), hopefully I’ll find a way. If not, then amazon I give in.

TOP 10 FOREIGN-LANGUAGE FILMS (filipino films not included)

1. Talk to Her

2. Live Flesh

3. Pan’s Labyrinth

4. Let The Right One In

5. Volver

6. Amelie

7. En La Cama

8. Delicatessen

9. Breathless

10. Persepolis

i just have to include this: Ponyo On the Cliff By the Sea


1. It’s a Wonderful Life – I think I saw this during 2008, either way, it’s still #1! 🙂

2. The Philadelphia Story

3. It Happened One Night

4. Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

5. My Fair Lady

6. Roman Holiday

7. His Girl Friday

8. Citizen Kane

9.  Manhattan – released much later than the other films in the list, but i’m sorry, had to include it..

10. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

There were a few US films that I was surprisingly delighted. I’m not sure if I can make ten though there are still a lot that I haven’t seen which I would list down too (hehehe). I’ll only post the videos of those which weren’t blockbuster hits.

1. Synecdoche, New York

2. Up
3. Star Trek
4. The Dark Knight
5. Away We Go
6. (500) Days Of Summer
7. The Hangover
8. Julie and Julia – just because I can’t make 10

As you can see, no horror flicks for me. I’m just not a fan.  I get scared way too easily to enjoy a decent horror movie.

Must see for 2010!

Inglorious Basterds
It’s Complicated
Up In The Air
The Blind Side
Capitalism: A Love Story
Yes Man
The Men Who Stare at Goats
Me AnD Orson Welles
The White Ribbon
A Serious Man
Broken Embraces – the latest Almodovar film!

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