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life, an update

i’m trying not to start this post with feeling sorry that i haven’t written for a long time, and that a lot as changed in my life since the last time i was here. but since it’s the elephant in the closet, let’s just pull it out of its misery.

a lot may have changed, and more changes are coming soon. i’ll be studying again, enrolled 3 courses for spring semester 2010 which starts on Jan. my husband keeps on asking me if i’m scared, i always answer that i’m more excited than scared. i honestly don’t know where the confidence is coming from, considering it’s been awhile since i last opened a textbook and disciplined myself to focus hard on something. plus considering the fact that finding the time to squeeze it in my toddler’s constant need for hugs and a playmate will be a great challenge. maybe the confidence comes from the fact that i don’t know how hard it will be – so i remain hopeful, as always – that things will work out. they always do anyway…

marriage is OK, it’s out of the rocky cliff i thought (because i was not sure…) it was in months back. how? i don’t know. God’s grace i assumed, one day it was there and the next day is just slowly backed out of dangerous grounds. how God works in my life is a beautiful mystery i will always cherish. so let’s leave it like that.

got cable – all 800++ channels! though i’m not loving it as much as i thought i would. i like the fact that i finally have Food Network again after not having it the whole time i lived in the US. though it’s not something a person (even an addict like me) can’t live without. i miss my Netflix subscription – i had to give it up to cover the cable cost. but we’re only keeping the cable for 6 months, under the promo price. by Mar we’ll be back to our trusty and less confusing basic subscription plus Netflix – my kind of life.

iggi (my toddler) is growing up so fast i hug her every moment i can out of fear that she would eventually not want them (hugs) soon. she can now sing the ABC’s, with mommy’s guidance of course, and she can count with her fingers – well at least if she’s in the mood to do so. she skips some numbers sometimes but she gets it. she can identify and pronounce all the letters of the alphabet correctly and her vocabulary is growing in lightning speed. most of the time we are surprised with the words she already know – to see how the human brain grows is astonishing.

we’re going to our first major vacation with iggi in 2 days, off to Pennsylvania! we decided rather than celebrating iggi’s 2nd birthday with a party among friends – we’ll just take her to Sesame Street to see her beloved ELMO. and since we’re in PA already, we’ll also go and see Hershey Choco World, Historic Philadelphia, eat some cheesesteaks, visit the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts, and the fabulous Reading Terminal Market. the trip was supposed to be for iggi but the itinerary i made somehow reflects Sesame Street as a side trip – it being done on our last day in PA. well she’s 2, she won’t notice hehehe, as long as she’s with mommy and daddy plus she get’s to dine with ELMO, she’s in toddler heaven.

what else did i miss? oh we’re constantly thinking about moving, but i don’t think it will push through – that’s just boredom talking. yes we are constantly bored out of our wits, but we still complain of not having enough time to rest at the end of the week. how does that happen? anyway, hopefully the trip to PA plus holiday activities with our Richmond friends will fill up our calendar and will keep us sane for the next months to come.

so that’s my life now, in a nutshell or sorts. i know, it’s boring right? but hey, i turned 30 a few months ago. i’m starting to have headaches at night which may be a sign that i need prescription glasses. as one grows older, boring could be a good thing. who needs the constant exhilaration of adventures and conflicts in life? i used to think that if you’re not struggling, then you won’t be able to feel life’s precious gems since it’s the only way to best live one’s mortal stay. but as i grow older, i beg to differ. laying on a raft, with a warm summer breeze, and the afternoon sun glistening the seaside view is the LIFE.  i’m hoping (and praying) that we can stretch this until the end of our days.

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