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loving FRIENDS

lately i’ve been watching a lot of FRIENDS reruns. i’ve started with the last season which eventually inspired me to watch the rest. i’ve loved FRIENDS way back but i have to say it’s only now that i’ve really enjoyed it. 

that’s good right? enjoying a tv series which was a great influence (if not the great influence) of my generation. maybe so, if only i wasn’t watching them again because: a) i’m so depressed i need to physically induce laughter; b) i’m so lonely i live a life with friends by watching it; c) i’m too confused with my life i could only sit and stare during my baby-free time.          

i know i should stop. or at least come up with better and more responsible reasons for doing so. but i guess the only way to do that is if: a) i get to enjoy my life; b) meet friends; c) organize my life, somehow.              

i don’t know. yes the disoriented and completely clueless me is up and running with no chance of ever changing. i should just sleep. this is hopeless.

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