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loving FRIENDS

June 30, 2009 Leave a comment

lately i’ve been watching a lot of FRIENDS reruns. i’ve started with the last season which eventually inspired me to watch the rest. i’ve loved FRIENDS way back but i have to say it’s only now that i’ve really enjoyed it. 

that’s good right? enjoying a tv series which was a great influence (if not the great influence) of my generation. maybe so, if only i wasn’t watching them again because: a) i’m so depressed i need to physically induce laughter; b) i’m so lonely i live a life with friends by watching it; c) i’m too confused with my life i could only sit and stare during my baby-free time.          

i know i should stop. or at least come up with better and more responsible reasons for doing so. but i guess the only way to do that is if: a) i get to enjoy my life; b) meet friends; c) organize my life, somehow.              

i don’t know. yes the disoriented and completely clueless me is up and running with no chance of ever changing. i should just sleep. this is hopeless.

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a year after

June 22, 2009 Leave a comment

eerie but true, it is a year after. i don’t even live in the same place anymore, nor do i sleep with the same person. strange what a year can do to ones life. crazy that i’m amused by that fact considering i’ve lived through 30 years of this.

i remembered this old blog after clicking through continuous links at wikipedia and landing on the article about Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen’s infamous gay character. i recalled that i did a movie review about Borat years back and decided to get a copy of it. that was 40minutes ago. i’ve been browsing through the posts in this blog happily and weirdly reminiscing days that are now vaguely familiar to the ME that is now. strange when that happens – which is (as i’ve said time and time again) the best reason to make journals. to remember our truths.

so i’ve decided to continue this blog. i’m positive those who used to follow the postings have long gone – which is actually a relief in a way, knowing i’ll have some sense of anonymity which i’ve always enjoyed playing with. i know i could (and maybe should) consider starting a new blog – but that’s too much effort. i’m playing my sentimentality card here, i’m not moving due to sentimental reasons.

and so i’m back. i know i’ve said that before and i eventually disappeared again. true that could happen but who would mind anyway?  it’s just me and the void conversing – and my side is happy.

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