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what i’m thankful for…

November 24, 2007 Leave a comment

during thanksgiving night, me and my friends gathered ourselves after filling up with SO MUCH food to start the annual tradition of declaring our year’s personal testimony to everyone present. at first people were reluctant, even among friends – public speaking still ranks higher than fear of snakes in most surveys. but after awhile most of us were just captivated by the “stage” and had to be dragged out to let other people share.

of course mine was full of tears, again. why i can’t help being emotional about such things i can never tell. though a friend once mentioned that maybe it’s a gift because when she listens to me talk, she’s always compelled to be attached and have the need to respond and think because i get to connect to her in a much deeper level. i don’t know – it gets embarrassing sometimes. but i couldn’t help it. and¬†friends understand. after all, it has been A VERY EVENTFUL YEAR for me and my family. considering this fact, i should be kicking and screaming in praise. ūüôā

here are the things that i am thankful for some of which i was able to share during thanksgiving night, though most were drowned by tears and emotion.

i am thankful for…

(1) my husband and our first year of marriage; which was no bed of roses i tell you. there were days in the beginning when i wanted to slap my face (or his!) asking why we got married in the first place. but after those trials, adjustments and learning – i can truthfully say i have grown to love him MORE than ever and this year will always be remembered ’til the day we celebrate our 60th. this year i have realized that meeting him, being with him was not a happy accident 7 years ago. it was¬†meant to be that way. i’ve told him this in our first anniversary and i declare it once again in our first year of marriage : “i don’t know what i’ve done in this life to deserve someone like you – but i will be eternally grateful and will strive to deserve it everyday of my life.”

(2) my mom and her disposition in life. she has always been my “happy person”, more so this year than previous years of my life. whenever i felt bad, was worried (which was always then), scared and felt too alone; she was always there to cheer me up and make me realize that i shouldn’t take things too seriously. why i didn’t get this gene of hers is a great loss. i am thankful for her health, for her life’s experiences and her unconditional love to me, my brother and to francis. i don’t know if i can ever match the dedication and care she has given to her family. my only guarantee is that she’s my mom – so maybe there is something inside me that could help me be like her (or at least attempt to..).

(3) my baby (girl!) whom i love with all my being, whom i will cherish everyday of my life (and after that!). i am thankful for she truly is a miracle in our lives. everytime i feel her move inside me, i thank God for bringing her to us and for letting us have the chance to take care of her and lead her back to Him who gave her life. i am thankful for her perfect health during this almost 9-mos of pregnancy and¬†all the FREE stuff we’ve been getting to be able to afford taking care of her (from the prenatal treatments, classes, delivery!, baby things, not to mention my own personal professional Douala!). her mere existence is something that i will simply be in awe of everyday of¬†my life.

(4) friends who have tried to keep in touch and never stopped being friends despite the distance, the changes in circumstances, belief system and everything else that life had to offer this year. you know who you are.

(5) the day i met melvin and thess while walking at Franklin street back from the hospital where doctors confirmed that my francis had stage 2 cancer. shock to some i know. i never really shared my husband’s condition to most friends who were away simply because, it’s not really the type of news you write blogs or emails about. but that day, one of the lowest days of our lives – GOD intervened and guided us to a way to meet Him, through these wonderful friends we had gained this year. i thank them for opening themselves up to be used for God’s glory for it was through their life’s testimony, through their unique kindness and compassion, through their friendship that God moved through our lives. i thank them for accepting us into their families, for the unconditional love we have received and unlimited kindness they have offered to me and my husband in these difficult times. i can truly say that if God didn’t¬†work through them¬†– i don’t know where we will be.

and last, but definitely not the least…

(6) to GOD Рfor this year God showered mercy in my life and allowed me to KNOW HIM more that i have ever known Him in all my years of existence. i know for a fact that i would have never had the courage, the strength and most especially Рthe JOY for everything that is wonderful in me is to showcase HIS AWESOMENESS. i thank God for ALL the miracles in our lives:

(a) from Francis’ complete healing from a stage2 cancer to something that the¬†best doctors here in the US could not fathom and understand;

(b) to the baby who is growing in me who the doctors back then said was close to improbable to happen without medical interventions;

(c) to the unexplainable PEACE that we feel in our hearts and in our minds despite the recent challenges in our financial stability;

(d) all the daily miracles from being able to feel and know God’s presence and love¬†in our¬† lives¬†from anointed¬†bible readings, heart-felt daily prayers, random acts of kindness from friends and complete strangers and all the little (yet great!) miracles that life with God has offered;

and most important of all..

(e) for changing me and my husband from the¬†proclaimed religious and atheist¬†persons that we were into God’s children proclaiming His GLORY, shouting praises to Him¬†and simply believing in His great existence and love as manifested through the life, death and ressurection¬†of His only begotten son, my personal Lord and Saviour – Jesus Christ. we are indeed saved – not just from eternity but more so from this LIFE. for without God, i am nothing. and it is because i am with GOD, that i can do wonders in this life for HIS GLORY.

i could go on and on and exhaust all the space this blog has to offer to declare praises to Him and gratitude for His works. but truth is: everything that I HAVE NOW Рwas given by HIM. and it is to GOD that I AM ETERNALLY THANKFUL.

Revelataions 4:11 You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.

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