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September 26, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

since this change in my life, i have been reading a lot of different books lately to further understand how things are now for me. i think every Christian has this responsibility to themselves to find avenues of growth and i am trying my best to search for that. one thing i (well me and Francis) do now is that we are host/facilitators of a Purpose Driven Life (PDL) lecture-discussion every Wednesday night here at our 9th floor apartment. but unlike other PDL groups of our church where most of the attendees are Filipinos – we hold PDL discussions for foreign students. oh yes … foreign students. which also translates to – thinking students from different faiths. we have Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist and of course Asian-catholics; and discussions are sometimes more complicated than we could handle. so reading helps. well not really a mere help, but a necessity.

though most of the time they really are just silent. sometimes they talk about their lives, often they comment about what was discussed in a book’s chapter. there haven’t been an incidence where we had to be in debate to defend our faith though i can’t really say if they accept the christian theology 100%. but for some reason, they show up at our doorstep every Wednesday night, 6.30 pm with smiles in their faces. as our pastor always said, we are not here to convert people but to be ambassadors of our faith – it is God who does the converting in His way and in His time. so why they always show up, is really beyond me. i am just thankful that they do and we have a chance to minister to them just as others had done so for us.

like today, is a Wednesday. i’ve already shopped for the dinner that i have to prepare which is always vegetarian to be on the safe side. (i now wonder, do they come because of the free food? really it’s not much; a vegi-pasta recipe (or tofu or vegi-noodle dish), bread and water is all we serve. they eat for 20 minutes and they sit down and discuss for 2 hours? is that worth the time for someone who just comes in for the food? ). will start cooking by 4pm but will need to prepare for the lecture before 2pm. read the chapter, read prescribed scripture reading, search the internet for related topics, think of means to make discussions more interesting for them to emphatize with, read on books that could be used to further discuss topic – and most important of all – pray to God for guidance that our words later will be His words manifesting to His children that He loves. and before i know it, our doorbell will start buzzing.

the day always ends with me and francis evaluating each members of the group. thinking about what this person said, whet he or she meant by it, how we could explain things better next time, how we could efficiently eat up our allotted 2 hours – there is really so much to do. i am a believer of the power of prayers but i also believe that God gave us abilities that He wants us to use at its best and thinking is one of them.

every wednesday is special. every wednesday is unique. if only all days could be wednesdays. maybe that would be a really good way to live.

  1. chato
    October 1, 2007 at 3:14 pm

    hey! welcome back! 🙂 glad to hear that you’re not lonely anymore. masaya naman kasama ang sarili e. minsan nga lang nakakpraning kase ikaw lang lahat nagproprocess ng events and situations and problems and happiness. ikaw lang. walang ibang maishare-an except sa asawa! hehe! i guess this is where we were supposed to be, so just make the most out of it. tama ba? minsan kase feeling ko we could have chosen a different path e. ewan ko. gulo gulo. hehe!

  2. October 1, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    ei, i totally understand what you’re saying. hindi magulo! at least for me… i guess cuz pareho nga tayo ng pinuntahan na path in a way…katawa asawa ko minsan napipikon na kaka-asar ko kse wala naman ako ibang ma-alaska sya lang kaya pagbigyan nalang nya ako 😛 hay chato… hopefully in this life we will still be able to have “friends” na katulad nung meron tayo nuon sa atin…all good things come to those who wait 🙂

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