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yes i am back.

August 31, 2007 Leave a comment

which is good since i haven’t written anything. but which could also mean i now have something bothersome to write about which could not be contained by my overly introspective mind.

something is bothering me.

the pregnancy is OK, no worries about that. i am continually blessed by God with that aspect in my life. no i am not leaving Francis whom i love eternally. yes i still don’t have a job but i have learned to live with that so that doesn’t count. i have met new people, not new friends, but people who are really nice and people whom we could depend on and i am lucky to have them around. no i haven’t wrecked our car since speed limit here is at 45miles max so wrecking anything may be mathematically impossible. not knowing what will happen to our future (specially now that the future consists of 3 people and not just 2) used to bother me a lot to the point of exhaustion but i have learned to trust my Lord and His plans and i don’t just hope – but i know – that everything, whatever it will be … will be OK. “walang sobra, walang kulang” – simply perfect just as our God is. so no, that is not what is bothering me.

so what is bothering me?

i’m really not sure.

or maybe i just needed reminding that nothing should be bothering me.

yes, that’s probably what i needed.

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