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minsan nakakalimutan kong wala ako sa Pinas…

i know this could be a crazy idea to some. but for those who have created a mini-pinoy way of life in lands far away, you know what i mean. 

1. every fridays, saturdays and sundays you meet with 30-40 something pinoys who lived away from manila for years, all of which have 10-15 year olds kids who would understand mundane filipino words, could still speak Tagalog in perfect filipino accents (pero kapag sila-sila nalang english na ulit, still in their perfect american accents) and would be quite frantic if there aren’t any bagoong and kamatis left when s/he starts eating that pritong isda, or naubos na yung sibuyas sa beef steak.

2. you still listen to chico and delamar’s top 10 (sa gabi na ngalang..)

3.  sa handaan, unang nauubos yung kanin.

4. whenever you cook spaghetti sauce, you add sugar to Ragu and add chunks of SPAM and Oscar Mayer weiners then you top it with Velveeta cheese- para mala-Jollibee style na!

5. when your cupboard mainstays are: OTAP, monggo beans, misua, Ligo sardines, mama sita sampaloc mix, mang tomas lechon sauce and datu puti.

6. may nagyaya pa din sa’yo sumali sa multi-level networking schemes.

7.  for those na may TFC – alam mo pa din ang latest kina ethel booba, paghihiwalay ni ruffa at nag-aabang ng updates about Marimar.

8. when you meet your friends for coffee, kapag usapan 5pm – 6 na sila dadating.

9.  if there’s a magic mic within the 5-mile radius, one of you needs to get it. lunch gatherings then turns into dinner, and if the scores are fair – to midnight snacks.

10.  may tumatawad pa din ng 3 gives over those empanadas you’re trying to sell.

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