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post that doesn’t deserve a title

so i haven’t posted anything in weeks. neither have i taken pictures for months. i could use the fact that my body is working double-time to create the correct specs for a healthy baby even when i’m simply lying on my back sleeping again (that is what all the 4 books on pregnancy that i have read so far say). But i think the truth to the matter is, i decided to turn myself into a very very VERY lazy pregnant woman. i could be over-speculating and giving myself a hard time, which is debatable if i trully deserve such thoughts. but records speak for itself: i haven’t delivered ANYTHING (no intelligent, creative or locomotive output) for the last 2 months and in anyone’s book – that constitutes LAZINESS.

a few weeks ago marked my 1st year anniversary in Richmond (June 14). my 1 year of being a bum with a 9th floor apartment. my 1 year of living-off my husband’s paycheck. my 1 year of pretending to find something worthwhile to do and convincing myself i’m enjoying it. yes it is too easy to be cynical of things. especially when you wake up every 4 hours to pee.  i am honestly at the opposite disposition in most days – seeing the silver lining in every dark cloud that passes by while enjoying the simplest things in life. then why oh why did i choose to write such contemptuous thoughts on what could be a glorious saturday morning?

they say in works of fiction, good thoughts are boring. irony, pessimism and a little condemnation elates the active reader. and as long as you dash a twist of hope before the story ends, a winning piece would be within your midst.

now where did i last see that twist of hope? could be in the right-side cupboard … or at the far left…

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