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a new fave…

May 28, 2007 16 comments

on-the-lot.jpg   produced and created by steven spielberg and mark burnett, a new reality tv show by FOX where the audience decides who gets the $1M film deal with dreamworks. also, the directors/contestants are from around the world! sayang ‘ala pinoy. 2 episodes have been aired, loved them all. can’t wait to see the rest of the films made together with the behind the scenes drama while shooting. made me miss studio 60 on the sunset strip. but now is now i guess….and steven gave me what i have been craving for.

enihow – i hope they air this in Manila…if not, i believe they are featuring full episodes in their webpage. if you watch it, please let me know what you think. the short film “time out” was just simply amazing as well as the street scene in the murder-suspense movie(forgot title), the lighting (not a film student, nor a film director…malay ko tawag dun…) was so beautiful, i’m wondering if i could ever recreate it in still shots. next week the directors are given the chance to shoot a 1-page script with a full crew and a hollywood set. catch? they should be done in 1 hour. just watch it if you don’t have anything really good to do in the net and let me know. oki? 🙂

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thoughts of a not so pregnant girly

May 22, 2007 4 comments

so it is official. i got the blood results this morning (which has 99% accuracy level vs the usual preg test kits which is just at 97%) and it’s positive. i am pregnant.

just for a few weeks though, i’m probably on my 2nd or 3rd. when i was not yet sure i was, i was experiencing the whole set of symptoms: nausea in the mornings, vomiting in the afternoons and extreme pain in the abdomen. as if my kid was telling me…hey mom i’m here!! when the test came out … sudden calmness! i don’t even feel that i’m pregnant now, up to a point that i sometimes wonder if i really am – which was why i was waiting for the blood results. just to be fool-proof sure.

before i emailed friends and called up relatives about it – i had second thoughts on announcing everything this early. i mean – it was just a positive pregnancy test. i can’t even answer the usual question “how far along are you?” because i’m not that “far along…”

but i said to myself – what the heck, i could always retract right? these are the people i love – they would understand. and i wanted to share with EVERYONE how happy i was. in 6 months i would probably wonder what i was that happy about when my being a finance worry-freak coupled with those pregnancy syndrome will be at its peak. but whatever happens, i am happy now. i never even thought it would be possible with my condition and all – which makes this pregnancy more special than it really is.

have been doing a lot of reading for the past few days – some were enligthening, most were just scary. the first few months they say are the most critical ones, make or break ‘ba.

unfortunately my notion that as a pregnant person i can eat anything i want has been rebuked by most experts. no more chocolates and coffee, soft cheeses and my favorite vanilla buttercream (not just because of the fat from the butter but due to the raw egg whites!!). must consume 8-9 servings of fruit and veggies. no more using my allergy medicine to get a really good night sleep. i could only gain 2 lbs in the next month! actually, it just a total of 20 lbs for the next 9 months – most of which will go to my belly, hips and to you know what (am potah malaki na nga eh!!!). parang ang onti noh? but i’m sticking with it. knowing my appetite even before this pregnancy – this 20 lbs is wishful thinking. ngunt kailangan, para kay bebe. bigger motivation at hand.

so, will i be talking about my being pregnant all the time now? will this turn into one of those maternity blogs? well, at least for the next 9 months…

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something special

May 17, 2007 13 comments

a few minutes from now will mark the first 24 hours of my knowing about a certain truth. it is the kind of truth which will trigger happiness to all, a moment of confusion to a few, and probably a dose of worrying to some people.

 it has only been 24 hours. but because we live in this interactive age, i have managed to inform friends and relatives from las vegas, san francisco, manila, and melbourne about my condition. bilis noh? atat eh. happy i guess. though scared din and a little bit worried. well maybe not a little bit. though still mostly pleased.

nahulaan nyo na? galing-galing nyo naman!

clue? uhhmmm … related to the reason why there was a cartoon in google’s site last weekend:  Huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol din!


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gaining weight sucks.

May 11, 2007 Leave a comment

growing up as the chubby kid provided me with numerous recollections of being teased because of my excessive baby fat. “Hindi mo na kailangan ng salbabida Angel, lulutang ka naman eh!”… “Yung bunso ko, hirap paka-inin, itong panganay ko si Angel, naku, hirap pahintuin…”

i have always loved food. it is my earliest pleasure. i remember wishing there would be celebrations all the time at our house so that my dad then would prepare his famous embotido (which to this day, i never dared to copy). one of my earliest childhood memories (and believe me, i cannot remember much …) was my lola buying me a cup full of vanilla butter-cream (back then local bakeries sold them in plastic cups) while i use my baby spoon devouring this buttery goodness.i could still eat a plateful of rice (when nobody’s looking…) as long as i have my favorite chicken and pork adobo – cooked my way of course – by my side.

so i’ve always loved food. it is the main reason why i cook as well as i do. so that i could eat the way that i want to eat. which brings me to the fact that loosing weight has always sucked for me. i have always (and i mean always!) been overweight. it was only for a few moments back in college did i had the strength to not eat whatever my heart desired – i was down to 113lb back then, at 5’2. but still during those times i felt fat. well that’s me, forever the chubby kid at heart.

whenever i look at magazine spreads and see how the new shorts or my favorite empire dresses fits those skinny models, i say to myself , “they do not eat spicy chicken wings, deep fried spring rolls or fudgy chocolate cake. do you want to stop eating those too??”


i had a “gym phase” about 2 years ago, which lasted for a year. this helped me go back to my current weight of …. asa pa! as if i’ll publish it here!!!! but that was last year. now, i run every few months (hehehe, as if that would help…). well i walk ALL THE TIME!

anyway, i think the point of my writing this blog – is to remind myself of the resolution i have discovered before … that the only way i could continue the way that i eat and still keep my slightly overweight figure (i will always be overweight. this is a fact) is if i put on a little regular exercise here and there.

so…it’s 8am. a relatively sunny day…why don’t i change and …. bake a new batch of cream-cheese brownies?

i remember watching a movie once with meryl streep in it, where the setting was that they were in Heaven to be judged. and since it was Heaven, they could eat anything they want…and it will always be the BEST they have ever tasted and they will never gain a single ounce of weight eating it.


but ’til then …. heels?

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