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i’m listening to river maya as i work now. i know, river maya is so 90’s…napaghahalata tuloy ang edad ko. i remember when their 1st album came out, i asked a friend (si noel) what he thinks of it since i haven’t bought it yet (80pesos ata isang cassette tape ‘nun, eh 50pesos lang baon ko. matagal na ipunan pa ang kailangan…). i remember him saying “may potential” – and after listening to it i knew what he meant.  the album was in the verge of being great – it tried – but it just didn’t get there. listen to 214 if you don’t believe me. you’d feel that it’s a really good song. the rhythm and lyrics gets into your nerves. but for some unexplainable reason, it doesn’t make the cut of “my all-time fave songs” list.

i have a 2 playlist in my ipod for OPM’s “ingles pero pinoy pa din” and “aliw, pinoy”.  every song on those lists brings out a euphoric sense of nostalgia. from APO to P.O.T. – with francis m and sandwich in between…mapapa-HAAY ka talaga! music has this power to pinpoint a certain period of time that couldn’t be replaced by any form of art in our generation. which brings me (finally..) to the objective of this post, my fave pinoy pop songs.

not in any particular order..

1. kahit habang-buhay, smokey mountain. pinapakinggan ko pa ito paulit-ulit sa walkman ko ‘nun! with matching daydream that you have the voice to sing the song really well…

2. cold summer nights, francis m. hindi ka batang lumaki sa 90’s if you do not remember by heart the rap part of this song!

3. ligaya, e-heads. part of e-heads first album which remains, until now, my payborit e-heads song.

4. tuwing umuulan, e-heads. ang senti song namin  ni kiko. because for some unexplainable reason, everytime we are about to go through a new chapter in our relationship – it always falls on the start of the rainy season. plus the song is great, i specially like the e-heads version. yes i am an e-heads fan. may ka-edad ba ako na hindi?

5. panaginip, P.O.T. nothing livens up a very very dull day than listening to this song in my ipod, at repeat one mode.

6.  the dance, barbie’s cradle.  i like the way barbie sings her lovesongs. it doesn’t end up cheesy but it still has its way of letting you feel that she is expressing how you feel. biased talaga ako towards female vocalists eh. up dharma is also a fave.

7. ‘di mo lang alam, brownman’s revival. oo magaling din tropical depression. pero this song by brownman is for me the ultimate merging of pinoy ballad and reggae soul…

8. panalangin, apo hiking society. a classic that never fails to make me smile and reminisce. my childhood friends and i used to sing this song in unison during warm summer nights habang naka-tambay sa mga nakaparadang jeep sa tapat ng bahay nina attorney.

9. i’m never gonna say goodbye, passage. the tripod song. pwede ba naman hindi isama sa top 10?!

10. himig natin, juan dela cruz band. still the best pinoy rock song for me.

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  1. April 10, 2007 at 6:43 am

    rivermaya rocks 😛 and they are still. adored by many today…

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