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i’m here at the science museum. it’s lunch break-so almost everybody, including beth my manager, are not on their desk. i’m trying to learn this archiving program past perfect. it looks like a no brainer (which fits me well then…) but i can’t start working on my task today for i can’t find the database i’m supposed to work on.

 virginia has 3 science museums. the virginia aviation museum, danville science center and the science museum of virginia-which is where i volunteer. i have been working on their collections archiving for almost a month now, at least 2-3 days a week. for the past weeks i have painstakingly labored in cleaning up their archives and have successfully reduced the 20 storage cartons of garbage into 6 neat-looking acid-free boxes.  this week is the encoding part – and i can’t find my designated database….and i’d like to finish this part soon. i’m looking forward to the photo-documentation of artifacts stored in 3 dark rooms at the basement of the museum. it sounds creepy i know but i think it would be really cool. why? i saw smv’s dslr used for photo documentation. it would be great to have the chance to use that equipment.

browsing through the records in pastperfect – i think someone made this crazy decision of not using accession numbers as reference codes – making it more difficult to sort through the computer records since all the manual copies (dating way back to the 70’s) are sorted by accession numbers. they created a new series – an object number – which does not have a direct translation to the manual filing. some of the foreigners i have met as well as friends who have been working here in the US always complain about how stupid americans could be…i’m starting to think that they may be right. i hope i’m wrong. at least about the computer filing system.

 i chose this volunteer work among many options in richmond for 2 reasons. 1) i’ll be working on a mini-project where i will feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment. a feeling i haven’t had for the past 8 months of not working. going through their office memos i have learned that this fixing up of their collections has been a big problem since the early 90’s – they can’t find the right person willing to do the job…for free. don’t you just see how perfect this job is for me?! 2) unlimited access to the planetarium and imax theater for 2. it’s just too bad they have decided not to air “the 300” here due to it’s graphic nature – not fit for kids (did it get an R rating??). but they show at least 3 new educational films every month and there’s spiderman3 coming out soon.

in fact, i’ll be watching another imax film by 3pm today. watching movies alone is creepy back in manila. but here where i have the theater all for myself (except for 2-3 persons who paid for their tickets) – this is THE IMAX EXPERIENCE. i watched their coral reef adventure film a few weeks ago and it made me miss anilao and everything i loved about the place.

anyway – i feel a little guilty not working…even if they’re not paying me. well i want to start doing what i have scheduled myself to do today…but since beth is the only person who could help me…

mag-surf na ngalang ulit…

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