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what is that one thing you are sooo bad at you’d like to kill yourself sometimes?

i’m a VERY bad speller.

i’m so bad i have www.thesaurus.com on top of my favorites list in explorer. often i know how a certain word is spelled – but i’m just so convinced how lousy i am i always had to double-check. like now, with the word “double-check”, 2 words with a hyphen, i knew that! but i have overextended many words at countless occasions and have placed hyphens where they should not be placed to loose all confidence in my ability as a speller eons ago and i had to peep at thesaurus.com to make sure. and i’m sure if you have been reading this blog for some time now you may have seen this dreadful misbehavior with words that i commit ALL THE TIME.

i remember back in high school some friends usually borrow my biology lab notebook because my notes are always complete plus i finish those crazy assignments on whatever phylum we were discussing ahead of time. once, a friend known for her frankness complained to me that i misspell a lot of words…even the easy ones, and she doesn’t understand how i could do that for she knew i was one of the “bright”ones. 

uhhmm – it’s a gift?

or sometimes i misspell words that sounds the same. heal/heel was my most recent murderous rampage on a friend’s blog which i just discovered a few minutes ago. i’m imagining she felt very awkward reading that line i wrote but just didn’t know how to handle it. what is the wisest thing to do when don’t know how to handle something? yes, DON’T DO ANYTHING! it was really an honest mistake. if you knew me in person you would know that i talk TOO FAST. my usual reasoning to this is my capability to have too many thoughts in my head (a.k.a confused?) i had to say everything out loud as soon as i can or else i loose my point. well, maybe i write the same way.

is it true? do we write in the same manner as we talk? when i was a kid i believed this story of another kid that a person who talks in swang due to nasal disorder (ngongo) would write the same way…with the unnecessary “ng” in every syllable. what can i say, i was a gullible kid. but either way that is my excuse for my recent fiasco with the words heal/heel.

of course i have other disgusting personality traits. if i list them all here i might hit wordpress’ character limit, if there is any. but being a bad speller is just pathetic. it’s right up in the alley with habitual farting (unless you’re an old person or have a medical disorder) and/or men who can’t help but hold their “you know what” in public.

don’t you agree?

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  1. July 12, 2007 at 8:34 pm

    I’m from Quescie – what batch are you from :). I”m from bacth ’83 (I think…)

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