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i should be writing about something i know…

maybe at least about my recent new york trip. but i just can’t! everything was sooo perfect immortalizing it using my elementary skills as a writer will ruin it for me. i know, i made such a big deal about it posting my itinerary weeks before…well the pics are at my multiply site (right side of the main page)…and that is all anyone could squeeze out of me now. plus the fact that i just have to go back. probably by fall. central park would be amazing by then.

i had another snake dream yesterday. the last time i had one i was about 12years old with no mental pictures of a big snake provided by hollywood since this was during the pre-anaconda (movie) days. so my big snake back then was a cobra with a really flat head and long tongue. he (or she) appeared out of nowhere while i was simply squatting at a concrete floor (i was also about 12 in my dream) and by one reflex action he (or she…) bit my arm. i could still remember up to this day the vision of that big cobra biting my arm – it wasn’t painful nor was i afraid when it happened. it was as if i was watching everything and felt apathetic over what was supposed to be a frightful scenario. and just like all dreams it started as soon as it ended.

yesterday’s dream was different. it was long and eventful. and the snake this time was a really really big one similar, or maybe even bigger, to the anacondas in the movie (which i only watched once years back, i wonder if the real thing are as big as those). i think it is just logical to assume that i will be frightened of a snake, even if it is just a small one, once i see it in real life. but in my dreams i was not afraid. i avoid it, i try to outsmart it, i knew it was dangerous – but i was never panicky-afraid. plus i think my dream yesterday was a lucid one. most of my dreams are like that. and in color. though most of them i couldn’t remember a few minutes after waking up. i have a very very active dream state nowadays. i didn’t before – but maybe because my mind is “free to wander” now, dreams just flow loosely.

anyway, i don’t want to get into the details of this recent one. all you have to know about it was that we (yes there were a few people with me; francis was there, a few americans who appears to be shipwrecked in an island with us as well as a goblin-orc-like gatekeeper who helped find our hideout) survived the big snake by not moving a muscle as it crept above our still bodies lying beneath a rock-cave formation. i could still remember how heavy it felt as the snake passed by me. and yes it bit me again (though anacondas don’t bite right? they swallow…) by my right palm. my eyes were closed when it happened and when i opened them i didn’t see the snake but the goblin-orc-like figure gnawing at my arm – so i wasn’t sure if it was the snake or the goblin that bit me. a lot of things still happened after that, a lot of scene changing just like in most dreams that seem to run in circles with events repeating in a disorderly manner, most of which i have ceased to remember. as i have said, it was a long and eventful dream.

and yes i have googled “big snake dream definition” already and have read a dozen articles about it ranging from interpretations from christian doctrines (snake = evil), freudian (snake = penis) to asian-african (snake = wisdom / rebirth / new beginnings). i will never know what it really means of course. probably that is how “these” stuff are made.

but this morning as i was on my way back to church i can’t help picturing this big snake, comical yet a little scary, following me around richmond for no reason at all. i don’t know why i was subconsciously yet somewhat consciously doing that. i wasn’t afraid of it. like – it was just this big thing that was there, behind me.

ok now i’m scared. 

need to tap my courageous dream-persona before i sleep.

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  1. March 21, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    nice! i loooove the new look! 🙂

  2. March 22, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    thanks! oo nga natuwa din ako dito eh….though i’m always shopping for new themes … hehehehe

  3. gaudiciopawiwi
    March 22, 2007 at 10:58 pm

    something to think about engjel…

    were you dreaming of the snake, or in fact dreaming that you’re J-Lo before she learned to do her eyebrows? (anaconda 2, 3, 4, etc are of course not even worth mentioning, much less dreaming about.)

    was it penis-envy (freudian), or J-Lo ass envy (boknian)?

    haaaay nako engjel, i learned many many years ago to not look for “catch-all” dream interpretations because i believe experiences from person to person are just too different for us to all follow standard symbology. iba-iba yan. pag nagbasa ka ng dream interpretation, hahanapin mo pilit ang “truth” sa anumang standard interpretation na mababasa mo kasi kaya ka nga nag-research eh. sayang naman ang effort kung di ka maniniwala sa mababasa mo, getch?

    di ko pa makuhang isa-isang kilatisin ang NY pics mo habang naiinggit at naglalaway at nangangarap na makakita rin ng tunay na van gogh o makatikim ng tunay na NY bangketa hakdog at picha o makapasyal sa central park (habang nagdarasal na hindi sana ako maholdap). masyado lang busy ang natitira kong utak these days. dami isip-isip, di sanay, hehehe…

    nawa’y maaliwalas na ang panahon sa iyong kinaroroonan, nawa’y mahawi na ang mga ulap ng kalungkutan, at nawa’y maging normal na ang sekslayp mo nang matigil na ang mga panaginip mo ng mga higanteng ahas, hek hek hek…

  4. March 22, 2007 at 11:11 pm

    arneee!!! oo nga busy ka wala ka na bago pics sa multiply…tsk tsk … kapag freelance at bumibisi ibig sabihin yumayaman ng matindi so keri lang yun!

    haayy…kakaiba NY arns. im sure matutuwa ka din dun. at hindi nakakatakot dude! andun kami off season wala masyado tao (tingin mo la nga tubig sa bethesda fountain sa cpark…) pero hindi naman kakatakot…sarap nga eh. wag ka lang punta dun dude ng summer…nai-imagine ko na gano kabaho dun kapag walang lamig…hehehe…pero kahit na MAHAL KO SYA! babalik ako dun ng fall…sana. at ang met museum…hhaayyy…yung hotdog…pareho lang…mahal pa lech $4 yung nabili ko once sa labas ng met kse gutom na ako nun eh ayaw ko ma-istorbo sa aking museum day para lumayo pa (though yung sa iba $2 lang)… as much as it’s the thought that counts (afterall, NYC hotdog pa din yun…) – ‘la tatalo sa TJ dude!

    spring na, hindi naman masyado ng winter – pero ok nalang din. kailangan na magpractice ng macro for spring shots ng mga halaman…

  5. December 19, 2010 at 9:21 am

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