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at 28 (6 months from now)

a friend of mine just turned 28 a few days ago. another close friend of mine will also step unto that path by tomorrow. in a few months i too will join their dreadful company.

however, jack is on her last year as a Philo phd student at NUS. brian has been working in smc for the past 6 years and has gained substantial financial capital in the form of 2 cars and a house in tagaytay. me? well … hhmmm.

 not much really.

3 jobs for the past 5 years. my last stint at smc would have lasted a lifetime (i think…). found true love and married him! but had to leave comfort-zone manila and move to richmond. 5 years in college (3 majors, 3 campuses, for those who didn’t know..) which i rarely used since i worked in marketing after graduation and have grown to live (not love) it. i love cooking, took a short course a lifetime ago. but a culinary degree is…well…i don’t know, seems impractical at this point.

28 and no major achievement really. i took this pop psych test months ago and it was quite an eerie experience since it noted that my major personality flaw is that i tend not to finish what i start. which makes sense really, reading from my life’s abridged summary above. and if you consider the fact that my only true goal in life is to travel…well, everything seems to, in a sinister kind of way – fit in its right places.

am i contented? hell no.

am i happy?

happy is too strong of a word for now. let’s start with … pleased.

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