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the calm before the storm?

i’m a little scared.

the past few weeks have been good. kiko had 2 consecutive presentation-fridays (the day when all graduate students in his lab are judged  mala american idol elimination day) of praise and glory by the menacing yet ultimately profound dr. hadis morkoc, his adviser/mentor. my mom bagged a new accounting job with the ceasar’s hotel and casino. my brother…well he’s not doing good really with the situation he is in right now (it’s not my life, i therefore can’t write about it..) – but i have this distinct feeling he could make it – unscathed and a better person. me…i’m enjoying my artifacts documentation job at the science museum. and as long as these 3 people that i love with all my heart are happy, i’m happy.

so why am i scared? well, in every storm there is a moment of calmness before everything goes into a chaotic madness right? or is it the other way around?

 yeah, i think it is … storm first, calm after – just like in the wizard of oz (or those twister movies if you’re from the 90’s genre).

so there is nothing to worry about! i’m now living in the “calm” part! 

sign reads: pandemonium not in eminent future!

but then again…entropy. now that’s a law we can’t beat.

there is this filipino saying that when you have this lingering thought (a kutob) or dream about a person – once you have told someone about it, the kutob or dream won’t happen anymore. as if you have failed to keep a secret pact of sorts, spoiling the “thrill” of it all.

let’s just hope blog stats reaches a high mark soon…

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