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places i’d like to live at if have inexhaustible source of funds w/c i could spend anyway i want w/o any negative consequence to my existence, my eternal soul, the human race and the universe at large

1. new york. i’ll get a park ave. apartment, eat at celebrity chef restaurants (with the exception of flying to napa valley on weekends to dine at the french laundry), hire heidi klum to wipe my ass, shop for tsinelas at 5th avenue, watch the latest broadway show in private and rent starry night from MoMa for display in my bedroom every other  month. i’ll buy out all the companies under the new york stock exchange and will equally distribute corporate america’s wealth to poverty-stricken nations.

2. fiji. i’ll ask my architect to build me a traditional nipa hut with modern plumbing to be placed a few miles beyond the seashore – with a long bamboo walk connecting my nipa house to the island. i’ll buy a  big yacht to go to nearby diving sites of tahiti and the french polynesia as well as travel to other great diving sites in the pacific. i’ll dive with an imax camera to get footage of the coral reefs, which i could watch in my own imax theater. (you could watch too, entrance is free to anyone)  i’ll fund ALL research groups finding ways to save the reefs and will haul all politicians against global warming, deforestation and over-fishing reforms to the mystical island in the TV series- LOST.

3. europe. every month i hop from one european city to another, staying at expensive suites while hiring a different michelin-star chef daily to prepare their signature tasting menu for my pleasure. i’ll have the best SLR in the market at my disposal to take pictures of all the the quaint and idyllic places i’ll visit as well as create signature shots of famous european spots. unlimited access to all art galleries (no lines to wait, no time limit per room), the best seat in the house to watch any symphony, opera or ballet that i want as well as back stage pass for sting and U2 concerts. i will support restoration projects for historic buildings, painting and anything related to the preservation of western art.

4. a nomad. i basically won’t live anywhere. every few months (or years) i’ll be living from one country after another – all dictated by whim. but i won’t be a tourist. instead, i will be incorporated as a local in all the places i visit , this way i get to experience everything that the country has to offer – its pains and beauty without secrets and reservations. i will propagate this way of living, the chance to travel and live this way by subsidizing anyone who wish to do so. eventually such a way of life will lead to utter understanding of humanity which will trigger world peace.

5. hubble telescope. everyday i will just view the wonders of the cosmos, daydreaming about distant worlds and a way of life which is beyond my knowledge. i will fund all scientific researches aimed to increase our understanding of the universe and discovering the secrets of time and space. once majority of the the thinking world is preoccupied with thoughts bigger themselves, then human wickedness may cease to exist. 

then maybe the Vulcans will finally come and i’ll have the chance to show off my ability to form a distinct V with my fingers.

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