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what my friends did to make me happy today even if i didn’t see them

i wanted to write about loneliness, again. but god intervened.  

(1) before i opened my wordpress site this evening i chanced upon one of my favorite friends, jack. normally if i see jack online, i have this tendency to pour my heart out, she being one of my oldest friends. and with a philo doctorate degree due in a year – she’s one of those few persons who really helps in ways that i could not describe. she doesn’t solve my problems for me – but she has a way of helping that makes me smile at the end of the conversation…kahit na YM chat lang. today i refrained from narrating what tragic feeling i had at that moment even after she asked how i was. i simply told her it’s not good, but i didn’t want to talk about it. it was at that point that she shared her habit of listening to “a prairie home companion” for fun. she said any worthless, tiring and wickedly tormenting day ends well for her when she listens to this weekly radio program. she said i should give it a try, specially with my ubercorny sense of humor.

and i did. she was right. i was laughing out loud after 15 minutes of tuning in.

(2) everyday i open my email, a habit i didn’t drop despite my not-working status. and everyday i receive 3 types of email. 1st type- SPAMS, lots of it. during my first few months in richmond i was fooled into believing this “home business” craze which is quite rampant, and i signed up to a lot of site using my gmail address. so everyday that i check my account, i put tick-marks at about 10-15 spam messages, click the report spam and they’re gone..for now. 2nd type – job agents, from 3 major US sites. which if you knew my life could be more depressing and irritating than notorious SPAM messages. i open them up to look at the opportunities “matched” for me by my reliable agents. jobs that i have been applying to for the past 2 months, jobs that i have not been successful in getting. i apply to all of them, regardless of where they are or what position it is – by now i don’t really mind. i don’t have the heart to mind anymore.

and then there’s the 3rd type. an email thread that i read with a heavy heart but always with this broken smile in my face. friends back home who consciously neglect the fact that i am at a time zone exactly opposite to theirs. they talk to me as if i could easily show up to a saturday night-out they’re planning. they include me in their list of attendees for the summer get-away (awaiting confirmation of course). they make sure i know all those littlest and immaterial details about their individual and collective lives…things that they know i’d love to hear about.

they make me feel i’m there, as if i’ve never left. i will always love them for that.

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