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a small bite at the BIG APPLE

i cannot contain myself. when Kiko called me yesterday morning informing me about the email bulletin announcing an OIE-organized trip to New York – i started perspiring despite the 5C weather.

new york. actully, i’ve seen new york a thousand times … countless woody allen movies since high school, reading catcher in the rye for the nth time, my tv locked at food network every week as they eat  around greenwich village, with me salivating over the thought of devouring a large thin crust pizza margarita at the first pizzaria in this side of the planet. and of course there’s gray’s papaya and central park zoo …

new york.  an OIE (office of international education) trip –  i was sure it’s at a discounted rate. by 1pm francis and i were on top (literally, we were the first two to pay) of the NY trip list.

since last night i have been goooogling, reading this travel book i borrowed from the lib last week (talk about intuition!) and checking out ALL sites possible to complete my itinerary. we’re leaving Mar 9 11.30pm and are scheduled to be back in Richmond by Mar 12, 11.30pm. counting the Liberty and Empire State Building included in the trip package – i only have around 2 days to create my dream IT!

i know i could go back, one of the few benefits of living on the east coast… but still. i want this first visit to NY to be impeccable!

so far…

ETA New York: March 10, 6am                      
(1) with OIE: Liberty Island & Empire State Building
(2) walk along Madison Avenue to Grand Central Station
(3) eat dinner at Grand Central Station **
(4) walk to Times Square **
(5) walk to Phantom of the Opera at Majestic Theatre
March 11
(1) Met Museum – 9am-12noon
(2) walk to Gray’s Papaya  – 2090 Broadway (72nd St.)
(3) walk to Central Park – see EVERYTHING!, 1-5pm
(4) ride subway to Rockefeller Center
(5) walk to Times Square or Grand Central Station **                                                     

March 12
(1) subway to Museum of Modern Art, 9-11am
(2) subway to Little Italy-  Lombardi’s Pizza for lunch
(3) subway to Greenwich Village via Washington Park until dragged to go ride the bus home..

i know it still needs a lot of work. winter in new york prescribes ice skating in rockefeller, “a quintessential new york experience..” but skating in rockefeller alone is $20/head! (skates rental and entrance to the rink). a cheaper alternative is bryant park (which would have been a must-see if we were going on fashion week), they just charge skates rental – that means going thru the subway on the afternoon of March 11, which is really not a problem if I will have the chance to see Grand Central Station on the 10th (where Holden stayed after getting off the train from pennsylvania after being kicked out of his prep school..then he got out and took a cab to…park ave? should find my book i know i brought it with me…) – which may not be the case since i need to wait in line by the 10th while i get those student-discount tickets of phantom at majestic … or maybe i should just skip broadway for now ….

the central park lake will be frozen!! i’ll probably scan the area to see if there are ducks hiding there during winter … maybe i’ll get to wonder where they go too!! (grabe kinikilig talaga aaaakkoooo….)

stop ….. breathe

i have a month to figure things out: print museum floor plans (MoMA! Starry NIGHT!!!), check other discounts, visualize the subway, read catcher again, bookmark pages from about.com, …


haaayyyyy… new york …. sa wakas ….

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