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sensibility gone bonkers

why? i just finished watching Borat.

i refrained from reading any articles about the movie before, figured it would be a waste of abundant idle time. seeing a few seconds of the trailer has convinced me long ago that it was a worthless movie and does not deserve precious downloading minutes. but after watching the golden globe’s last monday and seeing that british actor who played Borat bag the best actor in comedy award, i got a little curious.

so as i’ve said, i just finished watching the movie. no smirks, no giggles, not even a faint smile registered in my face while i was watching it.

granted that my tolerance for demeaning behaviour is close to zero. i literally went numb while the credits roll as they play their fictitious national anthem. i have always been, and is still considered (i believe so..) by most (if not all) friends as someone with a good sense of humor. if majority of the movie-going public thought this movie was hilarious and laugh out loud funny, why the f*%k didn’t i move a single facial muscle for the entire duration of the film?!

i was bothered.

i agree, Sacha Baron Cohen was so convincing as he played the anti-semetic character he invented (though i would like, out of curiosity again, to see him play his other personality the natzi-gay austrian fashion reporter) that i had second thoughts if this actor was the same guy i saw in a gorgeous and yummy looking black suit during last monday’s awards  night.

i agree, the americans who unwittingly shared their inner demons and biases should sue the the creators for slander and fraud, they have every right to do so.. though i’m not as convinced if they’ll win. i’m sure they were asked to sign clauses prior to shoot…that’s mandatory for any production. may have not read the fine prints….poor fellows.

but is it funny?

call me a downbeat softie – but it really wasn’t. yes it was goofy, idiotic and most of the time freaky. but it wasn’t FUNNY. Jim Carrie, Ben Stiller, well OK … Will Farrel movies are funny – BORAT makes you reflect upon your own sense of morals and feel numb as you try to comprehend how this society that we live in think that way it does. a “pure work of a genius”? a pioneer, that i’m sure. but geniuses for me are made up of different things.

ok, now i feel justified. but before i sleep, i must look through google for amazing images of kazakhastan. must erase mental pictures provided by this movie.

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  1. February 20, 2011 at 5:35 am

    did you like monty python?

  2. February 20, 2011 at 7:04 am

    not as much as the british hehehe. i think it has too much referencing to their pop culture/traditions making it hard to see the punchlines sometimes. but the holy grail is good. parang dr. who din – you know it’s good – but laughing is not as easy as watching seinfeld.

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