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american idol season 6 begins

american idol season started yesterday. the season that all local and cable networks in the US fears. NBC even came up with their own rendition of televising the american dream via their new reality tv show, Grease: You’re the one that I want, but is aired every Sundays.

come to think of it, networks have refrained from occupying the prime-time slots of Tuesday and Wednesday nights. ABC’s “grey’s anatomy” airs on Thursdays, NBC has “the medium” and another programs which would probably last only for 1 or 2 seasons max during Idol nights. even BRAVO’s top chef airs, during Wednesdays, but at 10pm, after Idol. all networks without balls.

i started watching american idol by the middle of season3, during the jasmine trias craze, though i didn’t want her to win. i enjoyed season 4 but refrained from watching the finals for i loved bo bice too much to see him loose to a country singer (a genre i may never understand). but watching through season 5, grabe, i was hooked. i LOVEd elliott yamin. i didn’t care if he had a crooked smile, or if he’s 90% deaf in one ear – hearing his voice never failed to give me the shivers. i was hoping against hope that he will win, and was crushed when he was eliminated. the only reason why i watched the finals (though i like taylor hicks…who didn’t?) was to hear-see him perform on stage again. i didn’t even know he came from Richmond before i fell in love with this diabetic. now that he’s not as famous as he was then, (though i have promised myself i will buy his album if ever one comes up), i sometimes imagine bumping into him in a small alley while jogging or while doing my groceries…hehehe…malay mo…

for the 2 hour season premier, the first city was Minnesota – the hometown of season5 finale’s guest singer PRINCE (that is his name now right?) well just like all idol premiers, the focus was more on the the wannabe’s and not on the talent found which was pretty rare. out of thousands only 17 got the yellow sheet. second city was Seattle – and there Simon was quoted for saying “”the worst bunch of miserable singers” he’d ever heard”, worst idol city so far. though for me, the wannabe’s for this premier are all disappointments. do you remember season 4’s CRAZY DAVE?!?? he is, by far, for me, the funniest idol contestant to date.

as for the rare talents from the first 2 cities, there was this one guy who auditioned with her sister. they were of indian decent, their father a retired musician of sorts. the sister was good, she went in first and got the yellow slip (which reminds me, when you go to the american embassy for a visa interview, they also give you a yellow slip if you pass…). when the shy young guy came in, Randy asked him if he is a better singer than his sister. he said his sister was better (and he wasn’t pulling anyone’s leg…he’s really adorably shy) but he’s there to just give it a try. then he sang the stevie wonder song “signed, sealed, delivered” – he gave me the shivers. his voice was unique and soooo refreshing. no, he’s not like elliott my love (though they have the same fave singer, who is also one of my fave…) this one is different. i knew he was a keeper since i saw Simon with this smile in his face which you only see when you know he is pleased. I have been watching the 2-day premiere while surfing, and it was only this guy that sang a stevie wonder song (which i don’t particularly like really, though i am in love with the guy) that made me feel all gooeeeyy inside. It would be great if I could give you a name…but as i mentioned before, the guy was indian. he of course had, a traditional indian name…which is not as easy to remember, as compared to a SAM or a MICHAEL..

ok ..10 na, top chef is starting…. this show i watch with full concentration =)

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