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back from shinning, shimmering, splendid LAS VEGAS

FREMONT STREET EXPERIENCE probably gained more than 5lbs from all the meals my mom forced me to digest (yeah right!), another 5lbs from the 3hr marathons in dinner buffets, deposited around $500 to various cash registers of outlet shops and fabulous thrift shops (yes they were fabuolous, we bought bags and shirts with brand tags untouched) … what we loss in our debit cards we gained in calories as we consumed the steaks beyond the tolerance of our white-meat centered diets.

we left Richmond airport with a half-full luggage and a camera bag. we came back with 2 big luggages, 2 very heavy and over-packed overnight bags, my camera bag, and 20lbs of  body fat (oozing with bad cholesterol).

they say Las Vegas is the pleasure capital of the US. indeed it was.

i honestly didn’t want to leave. not because of the red meat which i would probably refrain from eating for the next 6 months, or the shopping mania since we have spent more than we could practically afford. Las Vegas has a heart. it has passion. compared to cold and chilly Richmond, it was life. and my mom was there. it has been a long time since i’ve felt THAT SAFE. i felt as if everything will be taken care of, that i don’t have to worry about anything. my mom took good care of me. as she always did. we should thank god everyday for mothers.

a visit to LV is never complete if you don’t gamble. well i technically do not “own” the money in my bank account since i wasn’t the one who earned it, so technically, i didn’t gamble anything is Las Vegas. i do my gambling here in cold and chilly Richmond, with the only denomination left for me to gamble with. my LIFE. though i am not yet sure who is winning. they say at the end of it all, the house always wins, unless you KNOW WHEN TO STOP. 

STOPPING has never been a problem. it’s the KNOWING WHEN that i’m struggling with.

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  1. January 6, 2007 at 4:20 am

    para tuloy gusto kong pumunt sa las vegas, ngayundin! let’s see, sakay ako ng jeep pa tandang sora, tapos cubao, tapos ‘di ba may FX pa-las vegas sa tabi ng automatic center? haaayyy… (frustration… sino ba nag-imbento ng hayup na yun?)

    so totoo ba yung mga $5 steak buffets? ako di galit sa red meat, in fact nagmamahalan kaming tunay! (nagugutom tuloy ako… sana may lamb chops sa barbekyuhan sa may gate ng village!)

    gambling in richmond with your life… so pag nanalo ka sa 1:2 odds, dalawa na buhay mo? kung maka-jackpot ka, you’ll have hundreds, even thousands of lives? pwede mo ba yun ibenta sa mga pusa?

  2. January 6, 2007 at 9:56 am

    hindi naman $5…mga $6.95 kapag lunch at $7.95 kapag dinner. yung mga steak nila marami pa variety…yung traditional roasted beef shank, may beef ribs, pork ribs at pork chops…at yung BBQ sauce…PANALO! at kung mahilig ka sa seafoods – by cups ang serving ng shrimps (nabalatan na so subo nalang ng subo!) at mini lobsters (ito naman may balat pa…). pero ang pinaka-PANALO sa lahat ay ang DESSERT BAR. turo-turo style kung anong gusto mo na cake (and they have all you could think of) ice cream parfaits .. meron pa nga ako nakain na mascarpone cheese with sugar and chocolate chips na nakita ko dati sa show ni Giada De Laurentiis sa Food Network…pinlano nga namin ni Kiko bumalik pero DESSERT lang kainin namin one dinner kso la na time…tsk tsk..
    oo kapag nanalo ako dito sa Richmond…magiging 2 na buhay ko! ngayon kse isa lang – yung naiwan ko sa Pinas…dun pa din ako nabubuhay…bwehehehe…yaan mo if sumobra ng 2 panalo ko…share ko sa’yo =P

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