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well, i got the recipe from a french chef … and i did it at home … and for the past 6 months i have been doing a lot of baking, and i’m getting good at it … i then conclude that this first take on making my own bread is of artisan influence. bawal tumutol.

not having a job (translation: gazillion free time, zero cash at hand) could drive anyone to undergo a lot of first-time. as documented above; my first successful baguette. i know i could buy them at Kroger – but making them from scratch is so much cheaper … and baking calms my neurotic nerves, so i try to do it as often as i can.

i made my first chocolate chip cookies here in richmond, and i bake 2 batches every other week. well, cookies are cheaper if you buy them … but i’m using a low fat recipe which only needs 1/4 cup butter – makes us feel less guilty to eat them all in one sitting.

and of course, i will never forget – my first do-it-yourself haircut last month! i was getting fed up with the way my hair curls up at its tip since it has long passed its managable length, so i decided one morning to just cut it myself. fees for professional hairdressers here is at $20, i only get a barber at $10. i could never trust a barber to cut my hair, plus i have seen the gays at my fave salon do it to me a hundred times before. so armed with WalMart sharpened scissors, a comb, newspapers by the floor while standing in front of our bedroom’s full length-mirror – i started, with my big eyes wide open. i didn’t do a one-swing cut, i mimicked my beloved gay hairdressers, i worked through them in layers. it was really easy and i was so impressed with what i have done, i was addicted and was in a trance. i had to restrain myself for fear that i will loose more than i have planned.

so now ur probably asking – where’s the picture? it’s 9.40pm ok – my hair is in a bun already and is now curling in all known geographical directions. even if setting up my tripod would be relatively easy, fixing my hair to let everyone believe that i did a good job would be too much of a task. our trip to vegas is near, i’ll soon be sending pictures of the visit – by then you would believe me when i tell you that i have a future in hairstyling.

i did a chocolate cake once, a few months back, with all the icing deco and stuff. it was so chocolaty i remember we had headaches after devouring half in one day. but it didn’t look PROFESSIONAL. hmmm … i should attempt to do another one when we get back from vegas. probably a mocha this time.

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  1. December 21, 2006 at 7:35 am

    PAHINGEEEE! nyamm nyamm nyammm!

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