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a slump

slump“>slump /slʌmp/sluhmp] 

 – a decrease, decline, or deterioration. 
 – a period of decline or deterioration. 
 – any mild recession in the economy as a whole or in a particular industry. 
 – a period during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively, esp. a period during which an athlete or team fails to play or score as well as usual.
 – a slouching, bowed, or bent position or posture, esp. of the shoulders. a landslide or rockslide.
 – the vertical subsidence of freshly mixed concrete that is a measure of consistency and stiffness.

YES, this is what this is. blame limited access to this laptop, or the troublesome technical paper on magnetic tunnel junctions Francis is completing, not to mention – 4 tv series i keep up with via the web plus books i want to finish off and return to the lib so that i could borrow new ones …

this is a BLOG SLUMP. apologies to myself. i miss my dose of self-therapy.

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