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a net addict

as much as i have done this repeatedly, it just feels right to document such an event.

i have been hooked, in one sitting position- slight shift of weight distribution from one side to another considered- in the internet, starting from the time i woke up (which was around 9.30am) until now (time reads: 4.57pm). the day has officially passed without me doing anything more significant than cooking lunch for 2. 

 some may consider this a very disturbing and pathetic habit, but honestly, i actually completed tasks today!  looking at the big white board Francis has posted in our right wall, i have completed:

 1. renew some library books. i’m planning to keep this digital photography handbook for as long as i am in richmond.                                                                                                              

2.  reserve new set of books: now this needed some research. after careful selection via reading through different sites that would contribute to my decision making, the following books were reserved:

a brief history of time, stephen hawking. why? OK, out of childhood nostalgia, i borrowed this michael crichton book a few weeks ago which turned out to be  super uber-crappy. it was a science fiction thriller on quantum physics and multiverse. i read through half before i threw the book under my bed, the official location of things i don’t want to see. Francis then suggested i read hawking’s book if i really like to get into “such things”. so i’m borrowing it. understanding it would be another battle.

blink, malcom gladwell. i was initially looking for why we buy: the science of shopping which was in powerbook’s must read site. it was out in circulation. i remembered i haven’t read the other gladwell book which was more popular than tipping point.  actually, i have read at least 1/4 of blink a year ago. i was waiting for Francis at glorietta and to kill time, i went inside powerbooks, chance upon this book and read through it while standing up. i remember being so engrossed by it that i haven’t even noticed that at least an hour has passed and i should be totally pissed off by now for waiting (which i have always hated).  i remember his surprised look as i smile at him when he appeared by the book shelf i was leaning at.

magical thinking, augusten burroughs – we always have to try something new right? plus i am interested with his narration since the book description mentioned that he writes about his life. i have been reading a lot of blogs lately, getting this book may be a good way for me to not reach for this laptop every time i feel bored. the last time i read a collection of first-person narratives was when i got Nick Hornby’s anthology speaking with the angel which i really loved. so i am assuming i will adore this book.

i should have borrowed more but i can’t think of anything else to read. i was looking for a nigella lawson book since i promised myself i will read something about food every month; a promised i made after enjoying Mireille’s why french women don’t get fat and kitchen confidential by anthony bourdaine. unfortunately, they didn’t have nigella’s book. haayy

3.  borrowed Francis’ books: which were cookbooks on authentic Spanish cooking and Culinary Institute of America’s Food & Wine series. You see, he bought these red wines from the market last week. we were there for about 45 minutes, i was doing the shopping while he stayed by the wine section carefully analyzing what to buy. so now he wants to be a wine connoisseur. i just let him be.

also i had to borrow cd’s of his classical music (which i hope someday i will appreciate as much as he does) whose titles i can’t even pronounce.

4. checked bank sites for semi-important bank duties.

5. completed my daily net habit of: a) check gmail, b) check flickr, c) check this site, d) check multiply, e) check yahoomail, f) check some blogroll, *g) loiter around and click anywhere plus all the necessary counter-reactions after doing a) to g).

*g) was really the deal-breaker here – this was probably 5-6 hours of the 8 hours i was online today…

6. complete another post in wordpress.

ngapala, sad to say, i have completed the narnian novels. i didn’t want to read the last battle for the longest time because i knew it will feel this way, as if something in me has ended. it was the same dreadful,yet beautiful, but still dreadful feeling i had when i watched LOTR:Return of the King. haaayy. as much as c.s. lewis’ last phrase in the book was that Narnia will live forever, it just doesn’t feel like that.

so … no gym today, no walk in the park with my S3, no running off to do some errands. actually, my white board list extended to more important stuff like: (1) calling Tony Clark to confirm my Nov hospital bill check payment, (2) editing my resume for the review of aussie migration officers, (3) complete our itinerary for las vegas … all of which could have been completed today if only i wasn’t in my slacker mode. kasalanan ni Francis ‘to eh, hindi kse sya pumasok. he had to stay here all day doing these review papers of semi-conductor physics i will never (and will never try to) understand. kaya yun…


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