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getting into the nerves of a dark lord

yes i read Harry Potter, and when i do i refrain from doing anything else until i finish a book. it seems that it will be awhile until book 7 comes out, reading through jk’s site this morning, she says she’s not even close to finishing it and is troubled by rubbish writing most of the time. i doubt it’s rubbish – but if she says so – why contest?

also read through mugglenet.com to look for the popular post “101 Ways to Annoy, Harass, Confuse or Generally Scare Lord Voldemort”. this really made me laugh out loud (which may have scared our chinese roomies). if you like reading harry potter beyond j.k’s books, go to mugglenet and type the title in their search box.
and as much as #’1 to 101 either made me smirk, smile and/or laugh by myself – my favorite entry was: “#11. If you ever need to say ‘Like taking candy from a baby’, be sure to add ‘Of course, SOME of us might find that harder than others.’ Stare pointedly at him.”


on another fan website, the writers of DumbledoreIsNotDead.com seem to have reached a dead end in their crusade. i was an advocate of their cause from day1 and was relieved to find out there were people like me hoping that Dumbledore will pull-out a Gandalf by book7. i don’t care if the concept is too adaptive of Tolkien – I DO NOT WANT DUMBLEDORE DEAD! but in a recent interview of rowling (dated August 2006), a kid asked her straight-out if our beloved wizard is still alive – and she answered: “i’m sorry”. read entire story here.

sad i know. better read the rowling interview first before the 101 ways to annoy voldemort. that way you end up feeling cheerful – in a crookedly sinister kind of way.

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