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“repeat one”

it has been awhile since i gave my undivided attention to my ipod. so it was only now that i’ve noticed that this song that i used to play at “repeat one” in my office itunes was not there. it wasn’t there when i left manila since i opted to buy the cd, and i needed the extra ipod space.

it feels weird hearing it again. it’s the same earie feeling you get when as an adult, you watch a movie which used to mean a lot to you as a teenager, then you wonder what were you thinking then. that song used to mean a lot, thus, the forever “repeat one” which may have irritated nearby cubicles if only they didn’t love me as much. 

listening to it, after 5 long months of not doing so, with a different mindset, was more than weird – it was shameful. what was i thinking?!!? and all those … eeewwww!!!

to vindicate the old me, i played it that same way i was used to listening to it. in repeat mode. and it all came back. the inner drama and conflicts, the struggles which all seemed insurmountable, all of which were real then. it may not be a concern that i’m preoccupied with now, but it all happened. and this song- as corny, crazy and baduy it may be- will always remind me of that moment that i was feeling THAT WAY.

i guess that is what good memories are made of.

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