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loving studio 60

is studio 60 on the sunset strip aired in manila already? how i wish friends back home could watch this series!

isang malaking HAAAAYYY!!!

it’s beyond good. it’s GREAT. the last time i was this crazy about a tv series was a decade ago; yacking my head off every time the credits of “white picket fences” roll.  remember that show? well i was 17 then and i loved it, which was the same time i thought “cutting edge” was the best movie love-story and “good will hunting” was a very clever film.

technically – i don’t watch studio 60 in the TV. i download it every week from nbc’s website. i watch it this way because i HATE commercial interruptions – specially commercials here in the US which seems to lack the decency to be funny.

the material is REALLY GOOD. and i know the show is not getting the praises i think it deserves. i blame the magnitude of hype NBC generated prior to its fall premier. that’s what artists gets from corporate interference – a good kick in the butt which swells and hurts once you land in your ass.

though it does make me wonder where Sorkin is going with his plot. it seems to me his characters are developing too fast and he has yet to air 20 more episodes before the season ends. it’s a shame that i’ve never seen the west wing, was it ever aired in Star Asia?? – so no point of comparison here. this is basically a Sorkin-virgin analysis of a highly publicized and criticized show.

i was googling about it prior to this post and was saddened by the fact that there has been a steady fall-out in viewership. as a devout marketer, i’ve always hated negative statistics. bosses who are too self-absorbed usually shouts “KILL” whenever negative ratings comes up in their screens. and i don’t want studio 60 to end. i’m dreaming of minimum 8 seasons here. naahh. its too witty to get 8. 6 seasons would be more realistic.

though I’m not sure if the majority of the public reads through the subtle critic of how American TV is drowning into idiot-hood. or is it  because i’m not an American – and it’s just me who interprets it that way. i don’t know. but a major network making fun of themselves is not only cool – this is talent. and i love it.

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